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The Orthodox Community of Saint Andrew in Edinburgh

Welcome to the Orthodox Church of Edinburgh

St. Andrew's is a pan-orthodox Church based in Edinburgh. We are a parish of the Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain, which is part of the Œcumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. We have services daily and Liturgies regularly on Sundays, as well as on major feasts. We worship primarily in English, but you will also hear Greek, Slavonic and Romanian.

Alongside a full weekly program of services of worship our parish is blessed with a large and lively multicultural community. Among other activities, you will find here an active student society, a charitable fellowship and community meals. This website contains information about our Church. Additionally, you will find here contact details and timetables for the Orthodox communities of Aberdeen, Dundee, St. Andrews and the Highlands.

Student Society

We offer students an opportunity to share their discovery and practice of the Orthodox faith, providing them with guidance and insight from various speakers, as well as a regular opportunity to socialize with other Christians.

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Charitable Fellowship

The Charitable Fellowship organizes fund raising events to help people in need and does other miscellaneous charitable work.

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Come and join the choir which sings in Greek and Russian style.

Latest News

The Community of the Holy Mother of God and St. Oswald

In 597 Columba brought the tradition of Eastern Christianity to Scotland from Ireland. From Iona St. Aidan in turn brought that same Christianity to Lindisfarne in the kingdom of Northumbria 635. Often called Celtic Christianity it actually embodied the tradition of the Egyptian Desert. St Aidan preached the Gospel widely in Northumbria, and his disciples in turn throughout England. Bede records many of his miracles.

Now once again Eastern Christianity reaches England’s most northerly land from Scotland, as a Community under the care of St. Andrew’s Community, Edinburgh.

(Dedication ikon of the Community of the Holy Mother of God and St. Oswald, which miraculously appeared in July 2013 at the Community’s inception.)

The community offers occasional service in the Church of St Aidan in Bamburgh and monthly Typika in Chatton. For more information contact Reader John-Michael at 01668-215 397.

Posted 2015-02-07

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