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Welcome to the Orthodox Church of Edinburgh

St. Andrew's is a pan-orthodox Church based in Edinburgh. We are a parish of the Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain, which is part of the Œcumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. We have services daily and Liturgies regularly on Sundays, as well as on major feasts. We worship primarily in English, but you will also hear Greek, Slavonic and Romanian.

Alongside a full weekly program of services of worship our parish is blessed with a large and lively multicultural community. Among other activities, you will find here an active student society, a charitable fellowship and community meals. This website contains information about our Church. Additionally, you will find here contact details and timetables for the Orthodox communities of Aberdeen, Dundee, St. Andrews, the Highlands and Bamburgh in England.

Student Society

We offer students an opportunity to share their discovery and practice of the Orthodox faith, providing them with guidance and insight from various speakers, as well as a regular opportunity to socialize with other Christians.

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Charitable Fellowship

The Charitable Fellowship organizes fund raising events to help people in need and does other miscellaneous charitable work.

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Come and join the choir which sings in Greek and Russian style.

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Every year around this period - according to the constitution - the parish holds its annual general meeting (AGM), in which the church committee and groups within/connected to the community report back to the community on how the last year has gone, discuss matters of interest and importance, answer questions, and - importantly - listen to the opinions of the gathered body of the community and receive feedback and advice from them. This as foreseen by the constitution, according to the guidelines of the Archdiocese and the spirit of Orthodoxy, happens because no one is right in himself but “when two or three are gathered together” in our Lord’s name, He is present there in the midst of them for guidance, support and unity (see Matthew 18:20).

The date of this year’s AGM has been set for 30 April (2017). The meeting will be held in the church hall at 2 Meadow Lane at around 1:30 pm. The agenda and further information will be circulated beforehand.

At this year’s AGM the term of office for the current committee members ends. According to the constitution, a new committee is elected by community members present at the AGM.

The following extract from the constitution document explains the conditions of membership to the community:


  1. The members of the Orthodox Church in Scotland are all those of whatever age, sex or nationality, who have been duly accepted into Communion with the Holy Orthodox Patriarchs and are resident in Scotland.

  2. The members of the Edinburgh Orthodox Community of St Andrew are those of the above as defined at III (i), who worship in the Edinburgh church, who accept the spiritual jurisdiction and authority of the Clergy of the Community, the Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain, and the Patriarchate of Constantinople, and who abide by this Constitution. Members entitled to vote at meetings of the Community shall be those who have reached their eighteenth birthday and who, for at least the six months previous to their exercising such a vote, have attended services of the Community in Edinburgh or elsewhere, and who have paid an annual subscription of an amount to be determined from time to time by a General Meeting.

Likewise, the relevant extract (paragraph 1) from Article VII of the constitution provides the guidelines for the nomination of committee members.

ARTICLE VII – Election of Lay Committee Members

  1. When notice is given of the Annual General Meeting, members of the Community entitled to vote shall be requested to send to the Secretary, in writing, at least ten days before the date of the meeting, nominations for Chairman and for not more than six candidates, having first ascertained the willingness of each to serve. The Secretary shall send to each candidate a copy of Article VI of the Constitution with a tear-off reply slip to be returned signed in confirmation of willingness to serve on the Committee and attend its meetings in Edinburgh. The Secretary shall then prepare a list of qualified nominees for submission to the Electoral Meeting, and this shall serve as a voting paper.

The secretary is Antigoni Mitsioni, to whom you can send nominations to at

Membership fee

The current membership fee, set at £20 for employed people and at £10 for students and the unemployed by previous AGMs, is to be paid to the treasurer in order for parishioners to obtain membership status according to the law governing charities in this country (our parish is a registered charity with Scottish Charity Number: 040613).

For those regular members of the parish who, for financial reasons, find it difficult to pay their subscription in order to register and be legally recognised as members of the Community, previous AGMs - referred to above - that set the above fees have also foreseen that the Community would partly or fully cover their subscriptions by means of a donation. Thus finance would not be an obstacle to parishioners who would wish to register, vote or be voted for (as a committee member), or vote on a decision to be taken at the AGM.

Important Agenda Item: Constitutional Amendment

As requested by our Archbishop, our constitution should be amended as regards the election of the chair of the committee. At present, the chair is elected directly by the AGM, separately from the other committee members. Archbishop Gregorios has requested that we amend our constitution so that the chair of the committee is elected by the members of the new committee from among their number. This amendment will be on the agenda of the upcoming AGM.

Posted 2017-03-11

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